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    Search Engine Optimization

    Get To The Top of Google

    You can get to the top of Google and other search engines by applying the right strategies that will boost the ranking of your website. You may want to look out for people that are into this whole thing. The job of SEO may also be divided into two halves – on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

    On-page SEO will mostly focus on your website’s structure. Google takes into account all pages of your website individually, so you need to make sure your website’s structure is structured so that it will be easier for Google bots to scan. The other major part of your website’s on-page SEO involves your website’s content. The content on your site must be easily spidered by the bots. Google also takes into account the keywords you choose to use in your site’s content. For example if your an SEO Agency in Phoenix, you would want to focus on a keyword like SEO Phoenix.


    Most of the SEO will involve the use of keywords that will make Google bots discover your site and will drive more traffic to it. Once the bots see your site, your site will be ranked accordingly. You may be thinking that this is just a part of your website’s overall on-page SEO, but it is most important because it will determine how high your site will appear in the Google search engine results.

    Off-page SEO is all about how you can get other websites to link to your site. This part is mostly based on link popularity and includes things like article marketing, social bookmarking, and video marketing. If you have good social bookmarking sites that will promote your website’s link, the traffic is bound to boost to your site. Also, the videos you create are bound to be ranked in search engines and you are able to gain more traffic. You will have to wait until it appears in search engines.

    The main point of search engine optimization is to ensure that your site is among the top rank sites. But, it is really hard to make sure that your site will be at the top rank because there are many other sites are in the race. And, the top site may be hard to reach if you are looking at getting to the top spot.