10 Ways To Increase Your Blog Post’s Social Media Shares

From the newbie blogger who’ve just published his or her first post, to the juggernauts like “The Huffington Post”, “BuzzFeed” and “TechCrunch”. All of these have one aim overall; to increase traffic.

Now, most of these “big boys” have multiple sources of traffic (as it should be) but one of the most popular (and easy) ways to get traffic is through the use of the many social networks that billions of people use every day.

Today, I’ve asked Rhonda McGillavry from TermPaperWriter.us to share with us 10 ways we can increase our blog post’s social media shares as that is where the “magic” starts to happen.

You yourself posting your own links on your own social channels is a good start, but the real power comes when other people rad your content, like it and take the extra step of sharing it with their own followers.

And that is where almost everybody struggles; how can we get people to share our content?