Should You Consider Studying GIS?

Selecting the right college major is often an overwhelming and confusing decision as there are so many variables to factor in. Therefore, it is vital to weigh different options before you make a career choice. It is important to choose a discipline that interests you and lets you earn a decent paycheck; these two factors are crucial in this decision.     

And if working with technology, exploring maps, and interpreting data piques your interest, then making this decision can be easier than you may think.  USC offers a GIS program that may interest you. Here are three reasons you should seriously consider studying Geographical Information systems (GIS).  

  1. Gathering GIS information involves plenty of outdoor work, as surveying is the major source of collecting data. If you are an avid outdoor lover, this discipline will enable you to complete your work in the field, instead of sitting for countless hours behind a desk. One day you could be roaming a city and the next you may be perched atop a mountain. There are so many possibilities.
  2. After receiving a GIS degree, you have various career options to from which to choose. Most people go on to become GIS technicians who are responsible for making maps on computers through data compilation and manipulation. There are other options too, such as jobs in cartography, surveying, and drafting.       
  3. Job growth and salaries in GIS are likely to grow as both the federal government and many private companies continue to pour massive amounts of funds into their information systems technology. Annual salaries are in the range of $40,000 to $55,000 depending on the job title. And those who get a master’s degree usually bump their annual pay to an average of $74,760. Job growth rates for GIS graduates are between 10% to nearly 30%, which is much higher compared to the national average.