How To Find Niches to Build Your Affiliate Marketing Business Around

Without a proper niche research you could end up building your whole affiliate business on a shaky ground, and you could suffer from inconsistent monthly sales.

A good niche research will tell which profitable products you can promote, and could make your content marketing strategy more effective.

I saw firsthand many affiliate marketers fail or still struggling with their affiliate marketing business just because they made a bad niche choice.

One of the most common mistakes beginner affiliates make is targeting niches with very low buyers’ base.

Take for example a niche like “how to gain weight” and “how to lose weight”; one of them is less profitable than the other:

As you can see, failing to identify these factors in any niche could be the main reason why you fail or at least not achieve a desired affiliate marketing success in a reasonable time.

I am going to show you how to spot these factors with a simple niche research.