How Much Should You Sell Your Blog For? And Is It A Good Idea?

At some point in time, you might hear the term “website flipping” and you may wonder what that is.

“Flipping” in the online business world means creating a site, getting it up and going and then “flipping” it (selling it) on an auction site, which would be, the best, safest platform where you can do such a thing.

But is it a good idea to sell your website? And if so; how much should you sell your blog for?

There are many reasons why you may want to sell a site, and I will be getting into that soon, but first, I’d like you to answer some questions first:

Have you given your site enough time?

Outside of the professional website flippers that make a living simply by building websites and then selling them, most of the people that get interested in selling their site are people who got fed up of working on it.

Reasons may vary, but the one major thing that brings the blogger to consider selling his or her blog is the lack of money coming in.

I once did sell a site on Flippa, I sold it for $500!

Back then, making $500 online seemed like a great deal as it was the most I had ever made online but looking back at it, I think it was a mistake.

I am not sure if it was, I just have this deep hidden regret that maybe I could’ve turned it around.

It was “my baby” and I let it go! I sometimes still visit the page to see what is going on with it.

If you’re curious to know, the site in question is and it has never been updated since.

Sad to see, but I guess the new owners (which bought it from the guy I sold it too because he told me) didn’t see the need to keep it going and rather plastered it up with Adsense ads and are now allegedly making a good some from it each and every month.