Activities You Can Enjoy in Finland

Yes, Finland for me and a large proportion of the visitors is a place to find the solemn of nature, with just a hint of human mastery spread around the scenic environment. But that doesn’t mean that Finland is not a place for people who like the epic action.


You might have tried the snowmobiles, but only as a joy ride. Lapland is a place where snowmobile is the primary way of getting from one place to another, imagine that! Well, snowmobiling and dog-sleds. (but that’s so very cool we will get to those later) It is very common for tourist to rent snowmobiles for more than a day and buzz off to Sweden or Norway, that is pretty cool.


Yes! The best and the most dope of all unconventional transport, the dog-sleds are so common in the Finnish Lapland that you can put off your snowmobile plans and just choose to travel in them. The weather conditions make the Lapland a perfect place for dogs to prove their worth as our best friends, by pulling that sled and later on sitting with the most cute faces you could have ever seen.