6.9 Magnitude Earthquake Hits the Border of Guatemala and Mexico at 8: 30 am (BST).

The earthquake struck 15km North-West of San Marcos which was felt by 12 million people around the neighboring countries. US Geological Survey said the epicenter of the earthquake was 8km Southwest of Tajumulco, Guarantee. There were reported few incidents such as landslide, power cuts, damage of home and injuries accross the Guatemala and Mexico. One man was reported to be killed from collapsing a Catholic Church. Among the people who injured, there was a little girl who was hurt by a sheet of metal declined from the roofing of a building – According to a local media.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning center said that the earthquake only hit the inland and was occurred in deep ground. By this no Tsunami Warning promulgated. Guatemala stands on a major fault line. A shockwave also felt after about 20 minutes. A spokesman for Guatemala’s conred national disaster centre said ” The earthquake was felt throughout the national territory and damage assessment has begun”. The government also reported to say there are cracked walls, shattered​ Windows and damaged homes. In 2012, there was another earthquake struck at Guatemala-Maxican border leaving at least 48 people dead.